Scared Straight. You play the cop in this scene. At the end you would have to like hop onto the desk. You wouldn’t have to. I think, probably, in the early ones you just leaned against the desk. But, in this really nice way, you started hopping more and more intensely as you went as a way to make the other guys break.

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Do you ever just see the first sentence of a text message and just think “oh fuck no I do not have time for this shit”

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"It’s my first time here. I wanted to come to - you know you don’t go to Comic Con without going down on the floor and seeing it all, and so the way I came up with doing that was Spider-Man." - Daniel Radcliffe at the 2014 SDCC

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HQ - Benedict Cumberbatch at Comic Con - 26 july 2014 - Open in new tab for high res.

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10 years ago today, filming began on a brand new series of Doctor Who, starring Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor and Billie Piper as Rose Tyler!

can I passively aggressively point out the way the shot is set up to make both of them equal including cancelling out the height difference and you really couldn’t tell who was meant to be the main character by looking at this photo? (Because of course they’re both the main character and of equal importance rose tyler Ninth doctor (via pygmy-of-triviality)



please read this dialogue from a critically acclaimed show that was recently renewed for a third season on NBC

the best

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19th July, 1976. 

When I started, I just assumed I couldn’t be called Benedict Cumberbatch… but then, one day, I told someone in the business what I was really called and they said, “That’s great, that’s something you can use to stand out.”.

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